Founded by Kristin Linder Carpenter, Linder Educational Coaching is a collection of elite tutors and coaches. Unlike large impersonal subject tutoring firms, we are a small business focused on bringing the highest quality and satisfaction to our clients.  Our specialty is working with students with ADD, ADHD, other LDs, behavioral issues and problems with executive functioning.

We provide a comprehensive answer to families with students. We provide three main areas of service: private coaching, an after school program called The Hub, and workshops. In all of these areas we focus on organization, planning for the week and month, study skills, test-taking skills, subject comprehension, and independence. For many families, this is a welcome answer to the stress school has brought into the home. Our coaches talk with teachers to make sure our methods are effective and to gain an understanding of each child in and out of the classroom. We work closely with the parents to structure a study system that works in their home and with their family schedule. Every week, we work to assure all homework is done, tests are prepared for, and material is understood.

Each family calls us for a different reason, and we are very sensitive to the needs of each client. Some families want to make sure their child is prepared for the next grade, others call because their child has become detached from school and is doing poorly in multiple classes. We work with many students on specific areas that are weaker for them, whether it is language arts or math and sciences.

As individuals, those at Linder Educational Coaching have a collection of very different backgrounds individually with school and learning. As a group, we provide a wealth of knowledge, experiences, and ideas to every client. We love our job and the challenges and rewards it brings, and appreciate all our current and future clients for trusting us with their children.