Linder Educational Coaching is a small educational firm offering comprehensive school services. Linder EC was founded in 2008 by Kristin Carpenter. It was the first educational coaching company in the region, and has become a leader nationally for this new industry.

At Linder, we look at each child as a whole person, not just as a student. When there are gaps between students’ goals and their achievements, we help them bridge those gaps. Linder EC is specialized in helping students with ADD/ADHD, executive functioning issues, Dyslexia, Autism, depression, anxiety, other disabilities, and behavioral issues. Our holistic approach emphasizes the development of good students, but more importantly, happier and healthier individuals ready to embrace the challenges of life.

As individuals, those at Linder Educational Coaching have a collection of very different backgrounds. As a group, we offer a wealth of knowledge, experiences, and ideas to every client. We love our job and the challenges and rewards it brings, and appreciate all of our current and future clients for trusting us with their children.