Our first classes will begin July 1! For full details of our programs, download our PDF here: LitLounge2019

The struggle to read.

    • Only 37% of fourth graders (and 36% of eight graders) read at the level of proficient or higher, a minor increase since 1992 despite massive educational funding for reading programs.
    • Dyslexia and reading disabilities comprise 80% of special education services and are the most diagnosed learning disabilities in the United States, affecting one out of every five children.
    • A child diagnosed with a reading disability has a 51.6% chance of also being diagnosed with ADHD, DCD, ODD, CD, Anxiety, and/or Depression.
    • Successful early intervention is key in both educational and psychological outcomes, as the number one reason for elementary grade retention is reading failure.
  • 20-35% of students fail to respond to current reading interventions in public schools.

The first fully developmental approach to reading.

Created by developmental psychologist and literacy specialist Kristin Carpenter, the Lit Lounge is designed to incorporate the newest evidence-based research on reading and development, giving each child his or her best chance at success. Our program addresses:

Our program has three components:

To discuss your child’s needs or reserve a space, email Kristin@LinderEC.com