Our private educational coaching program is the foundation of Linder EC. Working one-on-one with students, private educational coaching allows a focus on both skill set development and executive functioning issues. This service is the most customizable to the needs of the student and the goals of the family.

We work with students that vary from extremely motivated but with severe learning disabilities to students with high IQ that are completely detached from school and often have behavioral problems. Some families are able to be very positively involved between our sessions, while others have the main goal of enjoying the evenings without having to ask about school, which is all too often a source of conflict. So, each family needs us for a unique child and a unique family situation.

The main things we address in private educational coaching are:

  • Executive functioning support
  • Skill set development
  • School coordination

Executive Functioning Support

  • Focuses on time management, organization, planning/prioritizing, goal directed persistence, sustained attention, and other executive skills.
  • Sessions include helping students and families create a daily system in the house and in school.
  • We help students go through all upcoming assignments, complete their planner, craft to-do lists, strategize and create study plans, make weekly time estimates, etc.
  • Go through recent grades and address what has gone well, if there are any missing assignments, and if there are any red flags. Create plans for each situation.
  • Help students set goals, make plans and track achievements, and develop meta-cognition.

Skill Set Development

  • Varies greatly by the child’s needs, but can include:
    • Study skills
    • Subject tutoring
    • Addressing weaknesses due to learning disabilities
    • Writing development
    • Active Reading Strategies

School Coordination

  • With parental approval, our coaches often work with teachers to discuss student performance and concerns/feedback.
  • We can coordinate with 504s/IEPs to help students advocate proactively and plan for their accommodations, to follow up with students/counselors when we have concerns over a disability’s impact, etc.

Our educational coaching has a wide range of services, and families often use private coaching in conjunction with The Hub or other services. The best way to know what would make sense for your family is to call and schedule an intake to discuss your child’s history and academic needs.