Dr. Patrice B. F. Garver:

I am an Educational Psychologist and Learning Specialist and have been working with families and their children for over 25 years in schools and privately. After a comprehensive assessment of the child or adolescent, I present a treatment plan. Frequently, this includes support for the child regarding academic skill development, study approaches and organizational-executive structure skills. This support is very important to help a struggling or gifted student learn how to take a test, manage school, and understand how best he/she learns. I am very selective with the specialist whom I choose, knowing that this is a time and financial commitment for the family and child. If this support works, the child learns how to manage school efficiently and can become very empowered as a student. Indeed, some students require sensitive and careful interaction during the learning process.

I came upon Linder Educational Coaching services through a long-standing client and family. As the mom described her experience with the educational support for her two children, I knew I had to personally talk to Kristin and learn more about her services. I have now referred many families to Kristin and all have been very happy with her individual attention and consistent support with each student. I am impressed by how carefully, professionally, and respectfully Kristin and her coaches approach each child. Her approaches and training teach the student efficient skills and there is ongoing attention to each child as organizational and study skills are developed. As I discover that my client needs an academic coach, I always refer Linder Educational Coaching knowing that this family and child will receive the best support possible.

Kris Kurtenbach:

High school was a much more difficult transition for our son–and thus for our whole family–than we could ever have imagined. In middle school, our son was an honor roll student, active in sports and extracurricular activities.  That changed in high school. After the first quarter of freshman year, we realized that middle school simply had not prepared him with the study skills he would need to succeed in high school. Tests were difficult and time management challenging.

Linder Educational Coaching was the right solution for our family. Kristin and her colleagues worked with us to assess skills gaps in core subjects; remediate needed skills; build capacity to track assignments; teach study skills for daily, weekly and test prep approaches; and refer us to other professionals. We persisted with the coaching and continued his sophomore year.

After first quarter of his sophomore year, we see a stellar report card and have achieved a sense of calm in our family again.  Most importantly, his self-confidence increased. Linder was an extension of our family approach and made a huge difference.

Elizabeth Vick:

Kristin has been invaluable to our family. We needed assistance with academic tutoring as well as organizational skills.  Before Kristin came into our lives, the girls were late, papers were lost and they received deductions for work that was “almost finished.” If you have a child that has ADHD you need to work with Kristin. Having both children attend Arlington County Public Schools, we were slow to navigate the 504 option. No one was failing, but it seemed that they could be doing better. Upon reflection, it was clear that we were working with ADHD issues. In public schools, it is my understanding that since it takes a doctor to make the diagnosis, the teachers stay away from the subject. Because we do not have the hyperactivity part of  ADHD, I just thought the girls were unmotivated. After researching ADHD and spending thousands of dollars for testing, we now realized we needed help.  All the bargaining, begging, taking away privileges, etc. would never improve their grades or their academic confidence.

Kristin’s name came up frequently and I thought we would hire her. We have two very different learners in our home. Our eldest daughter blows the cover off of all of her standardized tests but she kept getting B’s and an occasional C. We always started out each year with A’s and quickly started to see the grades fall due to missing homework. Our youngest daughter turns in every ounce of work and studies constantly, but had challenges delivering great grades when it came time to take the test.

When Kristin came into our lives, the girls were attending private school in Potomac, Maryland. We were encouraged with the thought of small classroom sizes and a more personalized learning environment. This was a band aid to what they needed. When our youngest was having challenges in Biology, Kristin worked vigilantly preparing her for the work and the tests. When it became necessary to work with the teacher, Kristin went with us to meet with the teacher in Maryland, educated the teacher about how learning styles are different and advocated effectively to honor the accommodations of the 504 plan that had been set in place in Arlington County. For my eldest daughter that wouldn’t finish her work, Kristin swooped into the house, set up a fax machine to have her fax her nightly assignments, texted with her constantly to keep her on task, and we saw a huge turn around with her too.

Kristin is enthusiastic, exceptionally smart and a fabulous role model to girls. My girls have so much respect for her and I do too. Across the board my children’s grades increased by at least one grade letter in each of their classes. One year later, they have the skills to succeed in school. I never felt better about spending the money to have her work with my daughters. It has been the best investment in their education and I feel blessed that we found her. We still use academic tutoring, but they now have the executive functioning skills that were taught by Kristin to be prepared and excel when working on their own.

Pam Julyan:

I would like to take a few moments to discuss the impact that Kristin Linder has had on my son, Matt, and our family. Initially, we began working with Kristin after my son was diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, and the doctor who did the testing recommended Kristin to us as a tutor/coach. Soon after Kristin began working with my son, I realized that her talent and skill could benefit any student at any level, because of her strong emphasis on learning to write well and seeing past the class work into understanding the subject matter.

While he had been reluctant to work with yet another tutor, Matt had agreed to try one last time. Prior to working with Kristin, we had tried a variety of tutors in a variety of subjects and settings, without success. It had been our belief that if Matt had the subject matter explained to him individually, he would be able to improve his grades. What we didn’t understand was the simple but painful fact that Matt had never learned how to study. Kristin began by helping him get organized, then told him how to approach his teachers to ask for help, and finally, and I believe most importantly, she taught him how to write. Matt rather quickly began to see himself as a competent student, receiving praise and encouragement from his teachers, and, yes, his grades did improve dramatically, too. Kristin’s approach had given my son much more than a better GPA, she gave him self-esteem.

Kristin, through humor and patience, became a true mentor to my son. He instinctively trusted her and recognized that she saw him as a unique and talented individual. Kristin’s approach is definitely not the “one size fits all” brand of education. She taught Matt how to succeed, and in the fall he will be attending a great college, armed with the belief that he can achieve anything in this world that he is willing to work for. He knows he can write an essay. He knows he can ask for help. He knows how he learns and the kind of setting he needs. In short, he’s prepared.

My only regret is that we didn’t find Kristin sooner! I truly believe that she can help any student at any level of accomplishment to improve, and I would recommend her without qualification.

Robert Liles:

My oldest son was experiencing problems with his grades due to serious health concerns which caused him to miss school. Kristin and her team came in and assessed his academic needs. They organized his projects and initiated contact with my son’s teachers to advise them that they were going to be helping him with his homework and prepare him for tests. The results were truly remarkable. His grades have completely turned around and he is now back on track. I highly recommend Kristin and her team. They are skilled at getting their students to focus, become better organized and start working towards getting better grades.

Anne Nelson:

Laura has worked with Maddie to establish a system of organization that is tailored to her needs and personality. As a result, Maddie feels comfortable facing the various demands of her high school schedule. Her consistently good grades are evidence! Not only has this paved the way for Maddie’s success academically, it has allowed her to develop a skill that she can use for the rest of her life.

Dean Yeonas:

Kristin has been working with our kids and the results have been positive and beneficial for them as well as us, as parents. Her focus and dedication is unmatched and in the process she has taught the kids how to study and to become more educationally independent. This has resulted in higher self esteem and confidence of the kids. Her sessions include goal setting and structure and the lessons go beyond specific subject or test based prep. The positive results include well-rounded study habits, preparation for future higher education, and life skills. We cannot more enthusiastically recommend Kristin Linder and we continue to trust her with our most prized asset – our children.