The Hub provides an after-school solution and a path to success for your student. Conveniently located next to Harrison Shopping Center – a short walk from Williamsburg, Yorktown and Washington-Lee.

The Hub promotes independence and accountability. We have designed an entire web portal for parents and students that allows us to consolidate all their assignments, grades, calendars, and study plans in one place. This is accessible to both students and parents 24/7, and it’s easy for us to hold the kids accountable as we can see if they are checking it daily, and when they read or access each assignment. Further, our smart alarm system helps prompts students throughout the day if they miss a deadline or submission.

How it works:

With a per visit fee, students will:

 Check in with a professional coach to:

  • Update their Hub Portal:
    • Latest grades in each course
    • List of any missing assignments and plans to address them
    • Consolidate teacher assignments, websites, and calendars into their Hub Portal system
    • Make study plans for upcoming assessments, including time estimates and what to do each day in Hub Portal
    • Make a to-do list for that night, as well as updating any to-do lists for the following days or for while in school (like to meet with a teacher, turn in an overdue assignment, etc.). Smart alarms will notify students if they have not checked a task as complete when it comes due.
    • Upload scans of work once complete, so accessible to be turned in even if the paper is lost.

Once students are checked in, they:

  • Hand over their cell phones and computer so that they can focus on their work (we have WiFi and computers if needed for their assignments)
  • Grab a free snack and drink if they want
  • Choose a space to work
  • Ask any questions they have about their work
    • 45 minutes of each Hub day students will have access to upper level math and science tutors of LEC for any difficult work they are struggling with. Otherwise, Cali is available all day to help with other material and needs.
  • Stay as long as they like

Once a student’s work is complete, or at a time determined by the parents to leave:

  • The student is checked out to make sure all work is done well and packed, and their Hub Portal is fully updated with completion notes
  • Parents can log into the Hub Portal to see what remains to be done not only that evening, but also over the coming days.

Why The Hub?

Distraction Free Environment
With cell phones and computers in class, and TV and Internet at home, very few students understand what it really means to focus and work efficiently. We provide a relaxed, coffee house-like environment where students can work free of buzzing phones and social media alerts. We admit only 10-15 students per day, so in our two-story space the environment is conducive to success. The Hub has both private and group work spaces, as well as one quiet floor and one floor where low talking and background music are allowed. The Hub provides an appropriate space for every preference.

Building independence

While we are here to help students coordinate their day and plan their work, The Hub encourages independent action. As we answer questions on subject matter, we push students to seek resolutions by helping them set up meetings with teachers or plan to visit review sessions in school or at The Hub.

As any college graduate is aware, one of the best ways to focus is to surround yourself with others in a positive and supportive environment. We help students in the same classes coordinate to come at the same time, so that they can create study reviews together, compare notes, and quiz each other in preparation for exams.

Students who want their parents “to quit nagging them”—but who continually struggle to complete work and prepare properly for exams—find The Hub a refreshing solution. We make sure they know what needs to be done and have a plan to tackle everything. Further, if parents wish, students can stay as long as needed to complete all work. This means family dinners can go back to being about family—and no more arguments and midnight homework sessions.

Perfect for:

  • Supplement to coaching
  • Students who primarily need executive functioning support
  • Students who struggle to focus once home
  • Students with shifting sports schedules
  • Weeks overrun with exams & projects
  • Parents who work late and want to be sure their child has done everything needed before they get home